Idaho TV 22 KRID

-Q: Will the Local Free TV be turned off?

A:  No, the Federal Communication Commission  / FCC is committed to over the air TV.  Its a growing trend with people moving away from Pay TV.  Currently there are 20%+ of the population using an antenna to watch TV.

-Q:  Does a big antenna work better than a small antenna?

A:  Depending on your location and obstacles between your home and the broadcast mountains depends on the size of antenna to use.

-Q:  Can you install an antenna at my apartment or condo?

A: Yes.  You need to mount the antenna high.  Take a look around and if you see DirecTV or Dish, that is usually approval for the installation of an antenna.   Contact you property Managers and get permission also.

-Q: Can I use the existing coax / cable wiring in my home?

A: Yes.  Ideally the antenna works well with your coax wiring.

-Q: Can you install an antenna in the attic?

A: Yes,  But we do not recommend it.  50%-70% of the broadcast signal will be blocked by your roofing materials.  Tile and metal roofs are the worst.

-Q: I have a digital TV converter box that the government helped me buy.  Do I need this with an antenna?

A: Yes, the converter box is needed for older TVs.  2007 and newer flat TVs have a digital tuner built in therefore no box needed.

-Q: Does the wind or weather affect the reception of your antenna?

A: No.  Unlike DirecTV and Dish, the broadcast mountains are closer and therefore much stronger and more reliable than satellite TV.